Speedcube.co.nz Retail Store Rules at Delta Level 2!

Speedcube.co.nz Retail Store Rules at Delta Level 2!

How we're rolling in the speedcube retail store during delta level 2

Hey all!

The retail store is now open again, but it's not quite business as usual!

Here's how we're going to be complying with the level 2 restrictions in store. Watch the video or have a read :) 

Here are the headlines:


  • 4 people in store max at any time including staff
  • 10 minutes max in store if others are waiting
  • Scan the code or sign in
  • Wear a mask if over 12 years old
  • Sanitise your hands on entry


And here’s some fine print :)


  • Waiting to come in? please wait outside dead video, not inside dead video! it has max 4 people too :)
  • Check the sign in the front window to see if there’s space before coming in :)
  • Exception - a family/bubble of more than 3 can be in the store at once if necessary
  • There is a qr code on the pin board, one by the door, and another right here :)
  • Staff will wear a mask at all times while there are customers in store, but will make an exception if you are hearing impared - just let them know :)
  • No mask? we have some disposable ones available. make a koha if you are able to pls :)
  • Issues? call the boss! 03 925 8270

 Thanks for reading, we can't wait to see you all in store again soon! 🙌

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