Gan 13 Premium Magnetic 3x3 Speedcube Maglev + UV Coating

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Premium 3x3 Speedcube by Gan

The brand new 2022 flagship speedcube from the¬†premium manufacturer Gan is now available at ūüéČ

This is the top-of-the-line version of the Gan 13, featuring the exquisite UV coating which debuted on the Gan 12 and now features on special versions of the 251, pyraminx and skewb.

The Gan 13 UV is the pinnacle of speedcube engineering and quality. Weighing in at just 71 grams, this speedcube packs a bunch of features and adjustability;

  • Maglev tension system with 6 tension settings - no springs, no resistance!
  • Gan Enhanced Magnetic Core VER 3.0 - Corner to core magnets AND repelling edge to core magnets for extra snappy turns and stability!
  • 6x¬† magnet strength settings
  • 6x center travel settings

Included in the box;

  • GAN 13¬†speedcube
  • GAN speedcube Bag
  • New GAN v10 cube boz
  • Customisation and solving tutorial
  • Adjustment¬†Tool
  • ID Card with serial number



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