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Speedcube New Zealand

  • $59.00

The GAN354 M is a new STICKERLESS speedcube from GAN combining the best technology and design from the GAN AIR SM and the latest innovations found in the GAN 460.  The smaller 54mm speed cube will suit those with smaller hands, and should become a favourite for one handed solving.
The 354 M showcases a bunch of new innovations and improvements, combined with smaller cube and this new stickerless 3x3x3 speed cube variant should deliver a fantastic speed cubing experience:
  • Total Symmetric Structure (TSS) - The cube has symmetrical design with pieces equally sized.  Symmetric clips ensures a beautiful finish and strong contact and makes this Stickerless cube possible.
  • Upgraded GES V3 system - improving corner cutting and your ability to customise the cube exactly to your preferred tactile feeling.
  • GAN Magnet Capsule (GMC) - this new innovation provides a unique capsule which holds the magnets, and then the capsule is locked into place into specifically designed slots.  Usually magnets are glued into position, and especially with big cubes there is a big chance of this happening sooner or later.  
  • The Honeycomb contact surface is incorporated from the GANAir SM and also further improved to ensure lube is distributed across contact surface.