Pro Shop YLM V2M 3x3 Magnetic Speedcube

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Customised Yuxin Little Magic V2M by


The second magnetic version of Yuxin's Little Magic 3x3 took us all a little by surprise here at, and became a firm favourite among staff! It featured heavily in early matches of Game of Cubes!

This cube has been setup by Mike at, based on his own cube setup. The Pro Shop YLM V2M has been his main 3x3 in 2022 so far and hasn't let him down!

This cube is set up with Traxxas 50 and Cubicle Silk plus our own preferred tension preferences, and each cube features our exclusive pro logo on the green side 🙌 Each cube is tensioned and tested by hand, with about 4 or 5 solves performed on each for an initial break in.

Pro shop cubes come in our custom, eco friendly packaging and contain all the original spares and accessories.


This cube requires a little more break in than usual, so expect it to feel a bit “gummy” feeling out of the box, but know that that feeling will settle as the lube continues to distribute over your first 50 solves or so. Happy solving!