Moyu RS4M 4x4 Magnetic Speedcube

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Moyu continues to dish out the budget treats with this latest 4x4 release, which takes all the best bits of the MF3 RS3M 2020 and adds a whole extra layer!

Out of the box the puzzle feels firm and well put together, and features a very light frost finish just like the RS3M.

Comes with a cube stand, mini screwdriver and collector cards. I got Lucas Etter but I wanted Livia Kleiner so hit me up for a trade 🤣🙌


4x4s are fragile puzzles, and are prone to popping, meaning pieces coming out while solving! This is totally normal and quite common, and therefore not covered by our returns policy.

Popping can be improved by tensioning the cube, but you may find yourself in a position where you have to do a rebuild! Here’s a video I made which explains the process.