Yuxin Little Magic 4x4M Magnetic Speedcube

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Magnetic 4x4 from Yuxin.

The Yuxin Little Magic delivers a 4x4 magnetic speed cube with great performance at a super price for a magnetic cube.

The cube incorporates design aspects from premium cubes such as anti-pop design and wider outer layer pieces.  The cube also now incorporates magnetic slots into the pieces which ensures the factory installed magnets are tightly seated in their slots - reducing the risk of magnets coming unstuck.

The cube measures 60mm, thus adding accessibility for smaller hands.  The high contrast stickerless shades make this puzzle a delight to solve.


4x4s are fragile puzzles, and are prone to popping, meaning pieces coming out while solving! This is totally normal and quite common, and therefore not covered by our returns policy.

Popping can be improved by tensioning the cube, but you may find yourself in a position where you have to do a rebuild! Here’s a video I made which explains the process 

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