MoYu Weilong WRM 2021 Maglev Magnetic Speedcube Purple Internals

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Magnetic speedcube with Mag-Lev tensioning and Purple internals from Moyu

It's a WRM! It has MAGLEV! It has PURPLE BITS!!!!!

The all new MoYu Weilong 2021 Magnetic speed cube with MagLev technology and Purple internals brings the not new tech, MAGLEV technology, to the recently released MoYu Weilong WRM 2021 LITE Edition. We've secured a limited amount of the first batch of these beauties, so pre-order now to be one of the first in the country to have one!

As well as being Moyu's 2nd factory produced speed cube which uses the revolutionary new magnet levitation tensioning system instead of springs, this is also an exciting style move from Moyu, and music to the ears of cubers like me who love stickerless cubes but miss the days of coloured base plastics, like the awesome, original weilong GTS which this cube has evolved from!

With the new MagLev technology you have two repelling magnets which create the necessary compression and tension to function as the speed cube's tensioning system.  Other than this upgrade and of course the new purple internals the cube remains essentially the exact same as the original Weilong - so all the benefits of this great cube such as look and feel and features such as corner cutting and reverse corner cutting is shared.  Of course the magnets do add around an additional 5 grams of weight to the cube - so this cube is slightly heavier than the previous model.

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