Christchurch Speedcubers Championship October 2021

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Event - Christchurch Speedcubers Championship October 2021!


When? Thursday 14th October

Where? Mount Pleasant Community Centre

What to bring? Your cubes, your lunch, your water bottle, and your mad skillz

The Christchurch Speedcubers championship is back for 2021!

This is an UNOFFICIAL speedcube competition just for fun in the October school holidays, and is open to anyone who can solve Rubik's cubes and other twisty puzzles.

Despite being unofficial, we will run the day just like an official competition to give first timers a taste of what comp days are like, and also to give experienced solvers an extra practice session in a competition environment. Especially important with the Lyttelton Spring competition just around the corner!

A precise schedule will be released soon, but the events on the day will be:

3x3 One Handed

To get the most out of the day, it's advisable to take part in all events :)

A digital ticket will be emailed to you, that you can either print or bring on a device on the day so we can scan it