Gan Skewb M Stickerless Speedcube

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Magnetic Skewb Speedcube from Gan

Please note, this is the entry level version of the Gan skewb with core magnets only. For the enhanced premium version with both core and edge magnets click here.

Gan continues it creeping domination into the WCA side events with this, it's first foray into Skewb!

And what a way to enter the market. Utilising the same magnetic core technology as their Pyraminx and 11 M Pro 3x3, this has the potential to be a game changer for skewb bosses. Has the Aoyan finally met its match? Only time(s) will tell!

This puzzle features the Gan GES Pro numerical tension system, a magnetic core, the Gan honeycomb internal structure and a frosted finish.

Comes with a solve tutorial, tuning tutorial, Gan box v3, Gan cube bag, 6x GES Pro nuts and a tuning tool.