Sengso 3 pin Magnetic Clock (Shengshou)

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3 Pin Magnetic Clock from Sengso aka Shengshou


Oh my days, clock just got a little bit cuter!! ūüėć

This adorable new 3 pin clock from Sengso is the perfect entry level puzzle for younger solvers who want a slightly simpler challenge, and also for hardcore clockists who are looking for something new.

The object of the clock puzzle is to get all hands on BOTH sides of the puzzle pointing to 12 o'clock, and different combinations of pins and dials will turn different faces. Normally a clock puzzle would have 9 faces per side and 4x pins, so this one is a lot more chill :)

This puzzle features satisfying magnets on the central pins which add to the solving experience.

Sengso also created a monster 5 pin, 11 face clock which you can find here - WARNING it is not for the faint-hearted!!