Christchurch Speedcubers Championship 2020

Christchurch Speedcubers is New Zealand's longest running speedcubing club!

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Finally, and for the first time since 2018 we're holding another full day club championship! This is a whole day of solving cubes in the rough format of a World Cube Association (WCA) competition. Buy your ticket here!


Please let me be clear that this is an UNOFFICIAL competition, but a great way to get some comp practice in before the official ones start again, as well as just a great way to spend a day and meet some other speedcubers!

This event is open to anyone of any ability, but is primarily designed as a school holiday program for under 18s.

Please bring your own lunch. Snacks and drinks are included in the ticket price.

The following info gives some specifics on prizes, events and the schedule for the day.

Christchurch Speedcubers Solid Gold Trophies

Prize info

The famous Solid gold* Cube Trophies are back!

These will be awarded at a prize giving at the end of the day.

  • Most events completed (Only completed, counting and submitted averages of five count!)
  • Most events won (Only completed, counting and submitted averages of five count!)
  • 3x3 champion (Winner of the 3x3 final)
  • 2x2 champion (Winner of the 2x2 final)
  • Fastest 3x3 single (Fastest 3x3 single from either round 1 or final)
  • Slowest 3x3 single (Slowest 3x3 single from either round 1 or final, and it must be a real one! This award is designed for our beginner friends!)

*They are 100% not solid gold!

Goodie bag

Included in your entry price, every competitor that enters will receive a goody bag of cubey treats! These include;

  • 1x Gan cube bag
  • 1x Gan magic lube
  • ?x Limited edition, hand made pin badges!

Prize draw

Each entrant will also be entered into a prize draw for these tasty treats! (Draw will take place after prizegiving)

  • 1x Dayan Tengyun V2
  • 1x Qiyi MS 5x5
  • 1x YJ Yuhu V2M Mega 
  • 1x YJ pocket timer
  • 1x Speedstacks Stackmat

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Competitors at the 2018 championships


The events at this year's comp will be based on the mini Guildford challenge, which happens to be a popular, unofficial cubing challenge. We’re not actually doing the mini guildford challenge on the day to be clear, but it’s just a really good selection of all the main and side events, which seemed like a good place to start!

Please note - you don’t need to register for events! You can just do whichever ones you want, or as many as you can (More details in schedule). Cut offs for all events (i.e. max time for a single solve) are 10 minutes, because that’s how long a Stackmat timer goes for! 

So here are the events we’ll be doing;

  • 2x2x2 (2 rounds)
  • 3x3x3 (2 rounds)
  • 4x4x4 final
  • 5x5x5 final
  • OH final
  • Clock final
  • Megaminx final
  • Pyraminx final
  • Skewb final
  • Square-1 final

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“But wait, how are you going to fit all of those events into one day?” Well here’s the thing, we actually probably won’t!  BUT… We’re going to try something I’m calling “open rounds”, in amongst some regular, scheduled rounds. This will let attendees do the events they want as efficiently as possible without a hectic schedule for the whole day. After all, this is just for fun!  What does that actually look like though? Let’s take a closer look...

  • 0900 set up, check in, chill out
  • 1000 3x3 round 1 
  • 1100 2x2 round 1
  • 1200 lunch
  • 1230-1515 open rounds (2.45 hours)
  • 1530 2x2 finals (top 8)
  • 1600 3x3 Finals (top 8)

So you have 2.45 hours to do as many events as you want or as many as you can in that time.

I look forward to seeing you there! Get your ticket here!