Covid-19 Updates

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I can confirm we will recommence shipping when NZ changes to level 3 on Tuesday April 28th, hooray!

As you're no doubt aware, as of Thursday March 26th, New Zealand is currently at level 4 lockdown. Part of this level of lockdown means that no items are allowed to be shipped except those that form part of a supply chain for essential businesses, or are an essential item as identified by the government; specifically the MBIE (Ministry of business, innovation and employment).

Currently, is not considered an essential business, and as such I am not permitted to ship non-essential items at level 4. I will recommence shipping on Tuesday April 28th when we switch to level 3.

Thanks for your patience during this time! If you have any questions, any advice, or just want to send a virtual hi five then please email me at


Frequently Asked Questions!

"Are you still open for business?"

Yes, in so much as you can still purchase puzzles. However, they will not be shipped until we move to level 3 on Tuesday April 28th.

It's also worth mentioning that there will almost certainly be delays once level 4 is lifted, as the postal service is going to be swamped with backorders from stores like mine!

"How are you ensuring safe practice when packing items?"

Since the alert levels were introduced, I have been taking measures to ensure that I don't potentially pass on any nasties when packing items. (For the record I currently don't have Covid 19 or any associated symptoms, and nor does anyone in my bubble!)

I wear disposable gloves and a facemask when packing, and I have no physical contact with my courier, who collects items from outside my house. I am the only employee of and I work from home. My stock is kept in, and all operations take place in a workshop which is on my property but seperate from my house.

These precautions will remain in place for the foreseeable future, until the threat of spreading the virus has been minimised or eliminated.

"You are the best. What can I do to help?"

Oh this is an easy one! You can help by continuing to buy cubes safe in the knowledge that you'll get them as soon as I'm allowed to send them! This will help me ride out this uncertain time and make sure I'm still here for you when it ends!

You can also be a legend and buy gift cards to be redeemed later. Here's a podcast episode about why that's a good idea :)

"Hey idiot, where the hell is my puzzle?!"

Great question, friend! If you ordered a puzzle and received a shipping notification before the lockdown came into effect and have not yet received your item, it has probably been held up by the increased demand on NZ post. Like all businesses, they've had to adapt to the new safe working practices imposed by the government, which is slowing the system down in this first week. Please be patient and keep checking your tracking link.

If you ordered or will order after Thursday March 26th, then I will have been (or will be) in touch with you personally.

"This is boring. How can I have fun cubing with people during the lockdown?"

Join me on my frequent instagram live streams to solve cubes live with other cubers in New Zealand and beyond! You will need Instagram and a login to do so. Additionally, join my regular Sunday competition 1and1 for something a little different to a regular WCA event :)

Also, subscribe to my Youtube channel for regular videos!

"Can I have a free cube?"

No but I will trade you one for money :p