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SUPREME TEAM works with some of NZ's best Speedcubers.








A few short words from Lucas

My name is Lucas O’Connell. I started speedcubing in late March of 2016. I am a huge fan of over-extracted expresso coffee. 

What are your goals, cubing and otherwise?

My ultimate goal in cubing would be to become a WCA platinum member, but I think that’s a bit far fetched considering it involves me getting a WR as well as a worlds podium but you never know, one stupid single might do the trick ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



A few short words from Biyuan

My name is Biyuan Chen. I start speedcubing in mid February 2016.

 Favourite event?

My preferred events fall under the 3x3 related categories such as OH and megaminx. However, my favourite event is with a doubt regular 3x3. The difficulty and depth of this puzzle is just perfect to me: it's simple enough for a quick solve, but there are varieties of ways to improve your times. I also find enjoyment through the popularity and competitiveness of this event.

What are your goals, cubing and otherwise?

I aimed to get faster at 3x3 ever since I first learnt to solve a Rubik's cube. So far I have hit my first milestone of setting a national record in 3x3 average. My ultimate goal would be to perform at the very top in this event. (Eventually) Stepping aside from cubing, I would like to extend my hobby of chess to a competitive level in future.




3x3 NZ National record holder (Single and average!), 5x5 Average NR holder

A few short words from Ben

My name is Ben Kirby. I started speedcubing in August 2015.

 Favourite event?

Because I have spent the most time getting faster at 3x3, I would say I like it the most out of the puzzles I have. However, I've always enjoyed Pyraminx, I am currently the fastest 'Top first' user in New Zealand, and hope to learn more things about it to be able to improve to a higher level. I have started to like Skewb a bit, ever since the talented Lucas O'Connell gave me a quality tutorial. I also enjoy 4x4 a lot, especially on Nathan's Supreme WuQue M :D. 

What are your goals, cubing and otherwise?

Ever since I started cubing I have always wanted to be highly ranked at 3x3, but I can see myself getting into side events more. I would also love to attend a World Championship, aswell as getting into 3x3 Worlds Finals, this will take a lot of effort, but Goals are meant to be challengnig, so I will hopefully eventually achieve this. Outside of cubing I hope I can always have music as a large part of my life, and extend my experience of piano and percussion playing to a higher level. 


OLIVER JENKS 2015JENK02 (Guy in Black shirt)




a few short words from Oliver

My name is Oliver Jenks, I started Speedcubing in June 2014.

 Favourite event?

Initially I only practiced regular Two-Handed solving for the first 2 years or so, but after Achieving my long time goal of getting the National Record, my main focus has been on One-Handed Solving (OH). OH has the added difficulty of only being able to use One hand to solve the cube, a challenge I enjoy.  And after getting the national record single (11.84) whilst on the Latin America Cubing Tour in Colombia, its safe to say I have a lot of motivation to improve further at this event.

What are your goals, cubing and otherwise?

My main Cubing Goal is to be the National Champion for OH in 2017 and become top 100 in the world for OH. My other Cubing goals are to try to grow Speedcubing in the South Island, by way of Christchurch Speedcubers, an organisation I help run to achieve this goal.  I also want to attend a competition in every continent (Antartica may be a little hard). As the Managing Director of, a lot of my life revolves around Speedcubing, so I am excited to see where the sport goes in the future.



A few short words from Tim

 Hi everyone! My name is Tim Xie I am and I started Cubing in September 2015.

Favorite Event?

My favourite event that I practise the most is 2x2 followed by Square-1. I currently hold the NR average for 2x2 average and I have a 0.68 single. I really like 2x2 because it’s such a fun event to practise.

What are your goals, cubing and otherwise?

For the Goals - My goal ever since I started Cubing was to get a world record, I didn’t know what back then but now it would definitely be 2x2 average. Also, if I can, I would aim for world class in Square-1, because it is such a wonderful puzzle and the only shape-shifting puzzle in WCA events.