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Compound V is a new water-based lube designed to speed puzzles up. Compound V boasts greater water-retention, higher viscosity, and unique cohesion qualities to give your puzzles a lasting and refreshing burst of speed. Unlike traditional water-based lubes that bead up and repel plastic, Compound V sticks to the inner plastic of puzzles and synergises well with silicone-based lubes.

Not to be applied to hardware. Water based lubes should not be applied to the screws or springs as this will likely lead to rust issues.

This lube is scented with a mint aroma.

Note: There may be some variation in colour due to the processes involved in manufacturing, but the formulation and properties are the same.

For best results, apply two drops, and break in. To clean, gently wipe off your puzzle pieces with a damp cloth.

Disclaimer: Although the lube is perfectly safe to touch, please do not ingest it, set it on fire, or expose it to extremely high temperatures.