Cubicle Labs DNM-37 10ml Speedcube Lubricant

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Speedcube Lubricant from Cubicle Labs.

The speedcubing world's most famous and popular speed lubricant!

DNM-37 is a water-based piece lube engineered by Cubicle Labs.  This high quality lube creates a refreshing and long lasting burst of speed for your puzzles. This lube is specially formulated to absorb and retain moisture from the air, which allows it to remain effective for a long period of time. 

It is currently available in a 10mL bottle with a built-in dropper. 

DNM-37 is effective on puzzles of all sizes, including minx-type puzzles and big cubes.

Disclaimer: Although the lube is perfectly safe to touch, please do not ingest it, set it on fire, or expose it to extremely high temperatures.

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