Gan 11 M Duo 3x3 Magnetic Speedcube

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Premium magnetic 3x3 speed cube from Gan.

NOTE - this is a pre order item! Expected dispatch date is Monday August 29th. This date may be subject to change in the case of unforeseen shipping delays. If you order in-stock items in the same order as this item, then all items will be dispatched in the same order :)

The Gan 11 M Duo is a slightly-more-version of the massively popular Gan 11 M Pro which came out in late 2020.

This cube is slightly lighter than the pro model, due to the omission of the adjustable magnet mechanism found in the original. This cube features Gan's GES Pro tensioning system as seen in the 11 M Pro, XS and Air SM.

Despite the lack of adjustable magnets, this cube still delivers the same feel and breakneck speed of the pro, but at a much more palatable price! An outstanding cube from an outstanding manufacturer. Secure yours NOW!

Size - 56mm

Weight - 59g

Magnets - 64

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