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Gan #2 Acceleration Smooth Speedcube Lubricant

Gan #2 Acceleration Smooth Speedcube Lubricant

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Acceleration Speedcube Lube from Gan

Gan have released a concise and comprehensive speedcube lubricant line-up for 2022!

Included in the range are three different lubricants, each for a specific purpose and stage in the setup process.

1. Maintenance - A general purpose, contact surface lube which is designed to reduce friction generally, and extend the life of the cube. Use regularly when your speed cube is started to feel a little meh.

2. Acceleration - Use for a burst of speed by applying to the contact faces. Good for when your speed cube is dialled in, but a little more speed is required.

3. Mastery - A core lubricant used for the first and arguably most important stage of speed cube setup. Apply directly to tracks to increase the level of control you have over your speed cube, and before you go hunting for speed.

10ml bottle. 

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