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Speedcube New Zealand

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The GAN 460 M is the first 4x4 release from the worlds most innovative speedcube designer - GAN.  This is the most innovative 4x4 speedcube ever released and includes specific new patented design improvements that you will not find on any other cube.
  • GAN Magnet Capsule (GMC) - this new innovation provides a unique capsule which holds the magnets, and then the capsule is locked into place into specifically designed slots.  Usually magnets are glued into position, and especially with big cubes there is a big chance of this happening sooner or later.  This is a great new innovation which should prove useful for larger cubes - the GAN460 M includes includes 96 magnets - all of them easily visible.
  • Total Symmetric Structure (TSS) - Black and Stickerless variants have the same internal mechanism.  The cube has symmetrical design with pieces equally sized.  Symmetric clips ensures a beautiful finish and strong contact.  
  • The Honeycomb contact surface is incorporated from the GANAir SM and also further improved to ensure lube is distributed across contact surface.
  • New 4x4 Iron-Plastic GANCore (IPG) improves stability, corner cutting and overall performance.