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Speedcube New Zealand

  • $26.00

The newest 3x3 from GuoGuan, the YueXiao Pro is here.

The Yuexiao Pro is a upgrade from the popular GuoGuan YueXiao.  It uses a new mechanism with the incredible attention to structure and performance during this models designing. The cube is designed with 3-segment sections and 3-segment round corners.  It includes Polyline anti-corner-twisting design which together with the and anti-sticky round corner takes this speed cube to a new level.

The GuoGuan YueXiao Pro retains the fantastic performance of the original YueXiao, but now provides a completely new feel when solving. The YueXiao Pro feels more tactile and solid in contrast to the light and papery feel of the original. The Pro is also turns slightly slower than most modern 3x3s, making it an excellent choice for cubers looking or a controllable with all-round excellent performance.