MS3-V1 3x3 Speedcube (Enhanced)

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Magnetic stickerless 3x3 speedcube from MS3. 

This is the first offering from new 2021 entrant into the speedcube market, MS3!

It's a glossy, magnetic stickerless and hyper adjustable speedcube, looking to make a mark on the flagship speedcube scene.

This cube boasts a comprehensive (if rather complicated) dual adjustment system, where the core itself is actually integral to tension settings, and distance setting adjustments are made with the nuts which can have a range of springs installed giving a huge range of possibilities in setup.

The standard version has edge to corner magnets, and the enhanced version has additional edge to centre magnets, which are concealed in the track pieces of the edges and the bottom of the centre pieces.

On first try the puzzle came nicely set up from the factory, and was a pleasure to turn straight out of the box with a pleasing feel similar to other gloss finish products.

A very cool puzzle with a feel something akin to a stickerless Guhong V4, it will be exciting to see if the V1 is received well by competitive cubers, and where MS3 goes next in puzzle development.

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