Qiyi MS 3x3 Magnetic Speedcube

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The amazing new MS range from Qiyi is finally available in New Zealand! Get your hands on some of the most talked-about puzzles this year so far!

These ultra affordable magnetic puzzles are revolutionary in their performance, price point, presentation and alliteration! :p

The QiYi MS 3x3 speedcube is a fast, controllable 3x3 suitable for beginner to intermediate speedcubers, and especially those interested in trying the feel of magnetic puzzles. BUT ALSO - a number of high profile speedcubers have been calling this a main beater, and the surprise budget 3x3 of 2020!

The range comes packaged in the flash new QiYi M-Box, which makes them perfect as a gift.

Released: May 2020

Size: 56mm x 56mm x 56mm

Stickerless only

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