Qiyi Kibiminx 2x2 Megaminx speedcube

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2x2 Megaminx aka Kibiminx by Qiyi


The kibiminx (aka kilominx) is a 2x2 version of the Megaminx, and is perfect for new speedcubers who are feeling a bit intimidated by the challenge of the Megaminx, while also being a great addition to any pro speedcuber’s collection!

This Qiyi version features bright shades and a very pleasing frosted finish, plus a reassuring and solid weight. In comparison to the Megaminx this is a much faster solve, but similar to the mega you’re going to have to learn a couple of extra algorithms for the last layer!!

Fun fact - this 12 sided, 3 dimensional shape made of pentagon faces is called a dodecahedron :)