Speedstacks Gen 4 Speedcube Timer and bag

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Speedcube timer from Speed Stacks.

Expecting to receive more stock by the end of April 2021 🙌

You can solve as fast as you like, but if you have no timer to smash through the table at the end, then what's even the point?!

Price includes timer, bag and batteries.

The Speedstacks Gen 4 Pro Timer is endorsed by the World Cubing Association (WCA) and World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA) as their official timing device.  The Gen 4 Pro Timer is a detachable precision competition timer with the most modern design and sensitive touch pads of any timer and sports the following features and improvements on the Gen 3:

  • Touchpads are canted outward to better match natural body geometry
  • Touchpads fit the natural curve of your hand, resulting in more accurate timing
  • Larger LCD Display with improved readability
  • Both power and reset buttons are now protected by a raised section of the Timer housing
  • Now powered by AAA batteries, which are included!
  • Accurate to 3 decimals (0.000) seconds
  • Memory feature to save your sickest times
  • Data port to connect to external display
  • Compatible with the Speedstacks Gen 3 or Gen 4 stackmats.


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