YJ MGC Evo 3x3 Magnetic Speedcube

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Magnetic 3x3 speedcube from YJ Yong Jun

The surprising new MGC Evo, YJ's new flagship 3x3 is here!

Featuring bright shades, a frosted finish and adjustable magnets and tensions, this cube packs a real punch without putting too much strain on your wallet.

Out of the box the feel is bone dry and lightning fast, And a little setup is required to get the best out of it. (I personally recommend some Traxxas 50k and then whatever's your preferred go faster sauce i.e. DNM37 or similar) It's a joy to solve with relatively few issues. I've spent a bit of time with this cube and can highly recommend it.

The cube weighs 78.5 grams and measures 55mm across.

This is a great upgrade from the previous MGC 3x3s, and we're sure it will become a favourite among Kiwi cubers :)