Lyttelton Spring 2021 Speed Cube Competition!

Lyttelton Spring 2021 Speed Cube Competition!

A WCA Speed Cube competition in Lyttelton!

We're so, so, so proud to be hosting a WCA competition in Lyttelton this weekend!

If you're coming, here's some info from the locals about the good places for a feed :)


To be honest though, it's not exactly the comp we had in mind when we started planning it back in April 🤣 But that's the way things are at the moment so we've had to adapt.

If you're coming along to compete this weekend then there are some things to take into account. None of them are rocket science as we've been at level 2 for a long time now! But I figured it's worth a reminder!

I'll start with the shop and then I'll pass on some info which was mailed out by the delegates earlier today.

Shop Rules

The retail store will be open from 10-2 on Saturday and Sunday at 56 London street - the same block as the competition venue!

However, we do ask that you please respect our level two rules and keep the shop to 4 visitors max at a time! This will mean not rushing the door at opening time, and being patient while others are in there, and also limiting your time in there if others are waiting.

It's equal parts exciting and frustrating to have so many cubers in Lyttelton but not being able to accomodate as many of you as we would like! So for the good of everyone please respect the rules and be kind, patient and respectful.

Competition Rules

Here's some info about how the competition will run from the email sent out earlier today by our delegates. I highly recommend you familiarise yourself with these before Saturday:

"Due to the current restrictions around the country we will be having a few extra restrictions and guidelines in place this weekend to ensure everyone who attends can do so in a safe manner. As always the health and well-being of our competitors and spectators is the number 1 priority for us within both the WCA and Speedcubing New Zealand
The obvious
  1. If you are sick or feeling unwell please stay home, you will be turned away at the door.
  2. We will ask all attendees if they have been at a location of interest in the last 14 days or are required to be in self isolation. If this is the case please do not come to the competition as you will also be turned away
Additional restrictions that will be in place for this weekend:
  1. Masks are mandatory at all times while in the venue for those 12 years of age or over, this includes while you are competing.
  2. Competitors are limited to 2 guests and this will be managed with a wristband system at the entrance to the venue. This is to ensure that everyone can still maintain social distancing within the venue
  3. Hand sanitiser will be available for use at the puzzle hand in table and mandatory for those at the scrambling table 
  4. All competitors and guests must sign in using the NZ COVID Tracer App or pen and paper alternative when entering the venue
  5. The layout of the venue has been very carefully planned to enable proper social distancing in both the competing and spectators area. You are very strongly encouraged to keep 1 metre socially distant while within the venue
I realise that this may appear daunting but these rules are all in place to help make this both a successful and safe competition for everyone.
If anyone has any questions then please do feel free to reach out to myself or any member of the organisation team
Alex Asbery 
On behalf of the WCA, SNZ and the organisation team"


Our competition logo - featuring Te Wheke

The logo for our competition is a tribute to Te Wheke, the logo and mascot of our local primary school. Wheke are curious, intelligent and adventurous, representing well the young cubers we interact with every day! From the Lyttelton Primary School website:

"Te Wheke (the octopus) is significant in our relationship with our local hapū – Ngāti Wheke. Wheke are valued as being intelligent, curious and adventurous, qualities that align well with our vision of Our Learning Adventure: Thriving Today – Ready for Tomorrow, and values of inquiring and achieving. The eight arms of the wheke also signify welcome which fits well with our first value, belonging."

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