Collection: 4x4 Speedcubes

A familiar favourite among people of all ages, the 4x4 Rubik's Cube allows you to train your mind and have fun while trying to figure it out. With its attractive multi-colour design and simple functionality, the Rubik's Cube enables you to pass the time in a constructive and challenging way. Traditionally seen more as a toy than a tool, recent studies show that using this little device carries several health benefits.

What Makes the Rubik's Cube Special?

Due to the Cube's minimalistic design, anyone can use it, regardless of physical ability. To fully enjoy and ultimately solve the Cube, you only need to use your hands and, of course, your mind. Some benefits of using this product include:

Easing arthritic pain. Because users employ their hands and fine motor skills when twisting and turning the Cube, it helps to loosen up your joints and reduce inflammation. Improving memory. The Rubik's Cube requires you to learn certain patterns and movements, thereby training your memory. By following a set of steps, and repeating these steps, you are essentially learning a new skill and challenging your thought process. Helping treat dementia. By stimulating short-term memory processing over time, the Cube helps slow down the progression of the disease and keeps your brain active.

Why Consider Getting the 4x4 Speed Cube?

One of the competition-ready editions, the Speed Cube allows for effortless use and is the preference of professional Rubik enthusiasts. With its smooth turning mechanism and comfortable fit, this Cube is perfect for beginners and experts alike.

When looking to improve your memory and dexterity while enjoying some alone time, consider equipping yourself with one of our Rubik's Cubes.