Collection: 2x2 Speedcubes

Rubik’s cubes are 3D puzzles that offer an entertaining yet educational pastime. Our 2x2 Rubik’s cube fits in your pocket, which you can enjoy on the move.

Expect Affordability and Quality From Our 2x2 Speed Cubes

Our cubes have a good grip, giving you better control as you manoeuvre its elements towards a win. The 2x2 cube is ideal for beginners, and you can choose either the standard or magnetic puzzle. The Moyu RS2M Evolution Magnetic option comes with a stand, screwdriver, and adjustment tool. Here’s what else you can expect from this instructional toy:

  • It’s suitable for any age. The 2x2 cube is beneficial to toddlers as it teaches fine motor skills. During the more restless ages, this puzzle imparts patience and determination. The advantage to older people is that it keeps the mind active.
  • Improves problem-solving skills. Speed cubes also encourage pattern recognition and help users develop their thinking processes, making tasks such as learning a new language or instrument easier.
  • Room for growth. Once you have mastered the 2x2 puzzle, move on to the 3x3 and 5x5 cubes. As your brain’s processing speed improves, you’ll want more of a challenge, and being able to progress to more complex puzzles gives you the confidence to confront them.

We’re A Team

We’re passionate about cubing and have built a community of players who equally enjoy the benefits of this mental sport.