Collection: QiYi Speedcubes

If you want to try a new type of puzzle cube, QiYi options are always a blast. These cubes come in all familiar and unfamiliar styles and can provide a meaningful challenge to all new or veteran cubers. Trust Speedcube to deliver the best in cube puzzle experiences.

Why Consider the QiYi Cube Gear Sandwich for a New Challenge

While the shape of the QiYi gear sandwich cube makes it much easier than a typical 3x3 puzzle cube, it is still a fantastic choice for beginners and veterans alike.

Unlike typical 3x3 cubes that have six different coloured faces, the gear sandwich makes things a little simpler by having only three colours that are present on multiple faces. This design means that it's easier to see where which parts of the cube need to go.

Additionally, since the gear sandwich moves differently to a 3x3 cube, it doesn't have as many complicated configurations.

For beginners, the cube offers a fantastic introduction to the world of puzzle cubes, while for veterans, it offers a new perspective on something familiar.

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