Collection: 6×6 Speedcubes

So, you can solve the standard 3×3×3 Rubik's Cube in under 15 seconds? Well done! But how about a real challenge? Let's add another 126 cubes and make a gigantic 6×6×6 Rubik's Cube for you to solve! The average solving time for this cube is about seven minutes, with the world record a lightning 1 minute 59.74 seconds. Are you up for the challenge?

Digging Into The 6×6 Rubik's Cube

The 6×6 Rubik's Cube comprises 152 cubes, arranged as 96 centre cubelets, 48 edge cubelets and eight corner cubes. Being an "even cube", it has four centre cubes, increasing the number of permutations considerably to 1.6×10116 possible combinations. (Compare this to the original 3×3 cube with exactly 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 combinations – or a mere 43 quintillion.)

Choosing the right cube for your adventure with a 6×6 speed cube is essential, not only for competition, but also for recreational enjoyment. We stock the YJ brand of 6×6 magnetised cubes at a fantastic price, as well as the necessary spare parts and approved lubricants. The YJ MGC6 has been used to set several Asian speedcubing records.

The magnets, installed on the corner cubes, prevent overshooting when turning a face by "clicking" it into place. The benefit is that the cubelets immediately align accurately, preparing the cube for the next move. The strength of the snap can be adjusted by using stronger or weaker magnets, according to your personal preference and individual speedcubing technique.

Choose Speedcube for Your Next 6×6 Rubik's Cube

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