Collection: 7x7 Speedcubes

An intimidating sight for anyone who knows their way around the 4x4, the 7x7 Rubik's Cube will surely challenge your skills. With three additional rows, this Cube represents an intricate alternative to the standard size, testing your problem-solving abilities even more.

Why is the 7x7 Speed Cube Such a Big Deal?

We encourage our customers to try our Cubes, as these devices offer a tangible way of brain-training, proactively keeping yourself busy. Before you decide, consider this: The 7x7 magnetic Cube is a great way to teach children problem-solving skills. By enabling your kids to make mistakes, learn from them, and apply the knowledge they gain through play, the Cube promotes continuous improvement. Easily practice mindfulness when solving. When using one of our Cubes, it requires you to apply a conscious effort to solving it. By acting as your sole point of focus, you can experience a state of flow and forget about unnecessary and intrusive thoughts. The size of the 7x7 stimulates you more than the smaller version, purely due to its size demanding your attention.

Utilising your Speed Cubes Best

Practice makes perfect, and only by using your Cubes often can you truly master it. Whether you start on the 4x4 or 7x7, we encourage you to try and try again.

Train with one of our Rubik's Cubes to test your hand-eye coordination, reasoning ability, and memory.