Collection: GAN Speedcubes

Since 2011 GAN cubes have been growing in popularity as the 3x3 puzzle cube of choice, created by the world-famous Ganyuan Jiang. These cubes allow puzzle cube lovers to test their mental mettle with the cube of choice for many top cubers.

Why MagLev Technology in GAN Speed Cubes Make Them Better

When doing puzzle cubes, there are a few things that beginners and veterans alike love to see. Some of these features come with the MagLev technology of the GAN Magnetic.

High Speed. The magnetic approach in the GAN Magnetic allows the cube's speed to operate at otherwise somewhat unachievable levels. The magnets are installed to repulse and attract at the right places, making the cube feel incredibly smooth and fast to use.

Misalignment Negating. As many enthusiast cubers will likely have experienced when using lower quality cubes, misalignment of corners can quickly interrupt your session. With the GAN Magnetic, you can expect corner magnets to repel anything but perfect alignment, meaning it will snap into place every time.

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The GAN is the ideal option whether you want to up your puzzle gaming or start fresh. Browse our range of cubes and lubricants to find the perfect fit for your speedy puzzle desires.