Speed Cube Buyer’s Guide!

Speed Cube Buyer’s Guide!

A new buyer’s guide to speed cubes for Christmas 2021

So let me guess - you’ve been sent here to buy a speed cube. “No worries”, you think, “How hard can that be?”

But now you’re confronted with a wall of coloured cubes that range from $10 to $115, and you’re trying to get your head around the merits of primary internals, dual adjustment systems and adjustable magnets.

If this sounds about right, then don’t worry! In this blog I’ll break down and pick out the best budget, mid range and flagship sped cubes, as well as trying to offer some gift advice for the speed cubers who are ready to move on from the 3x3!

If you’d rather take a step back and start with exactly what a speed cube is, then check out this blog :)

Best Budget 3x3 Speed Cube

Budget, magnetic speed cubes went through something of a revolution in 2020, with major advances from major speed cube manufacturers. I actually did a top three video on these which you can check out here!

Our top pick in this category and our best selling speed cube is the Moyu RS3M 2020 3x3, which costs $15 and features the Moyu Dual adjustment system. Essentially, some tech basics and a fast, reliable, solid speed cube for an absolute bargain price!

Best Mid range 3x3 Speed Cube

In the lead for best mid range speed cube is the Moyu Weilong WRM 2021 maglev, which gives a premium feel and excellent adjustability for just $45. This features the Moyu Maglev Dual adjustment system and adjustable edge magnets, but both of those are eclipsed by the fact it also has AWESOME PURPLE INTERNALS! A very unique looking puzzle and a great performer to boot :)

Best Flagship 3x3 Speed Cube

Our favourite flagship cube without a doubt here at speedcube.co.nz is the Gan 11M Duo, which comes in at $70. “But wait”, I hear you cry, “why not the 11M pro?!”

The duo features the same core magnets as the 11M Pro, but lacks the adjustable edge magnets, making it $35 cheaper. The edge magnets of the Duo are about the same as the middle setting on the 11M Pro, which, from our research is the most popular setting anyway! This cube represents, in our opinion, the best value flagship currently available. Plus, no adjustable magnets means the cube is lighter, and has less things to break or go wrong! 

What speed cube should I get after the 3x3?

Some suggestions of where to go after the 3x3 are:

Megaminx! The 12 sided version of the 3x3, and lots of skills from 3x3 solving transfer to this puzzle, with just a few more things to learn for the last layer.

Skewb! This is a hugely popular side event with a few different methods. The puzzle turns on the corner axes, and provides a new solving experience. 

Best speed cube gifts for younger cubers?

Without a doubt, Pyraminx is the best place to start for younger cubers! Of all of the puzzle shapes, this is the one you have the highest chance of solving by accident and teaches the basics of how pieces move around, making it a solid foundation.

After the pyraminx, the next best place for younger solvers is the 2x2. Just don’t let them twist the corners!

But what do I get for the Speedcuber who has it all?! 

No worries! Here are some suggestions:

Fisher cube -  a 3x3 shape mod providing a new challenge.

Mirror cubes, another shape mod where you solve the shape not the colours.

Speedcube.co.nz speed cube bag, because they have to keep them somewhere!

8x8+ puzzles to keep them quiet I MEAN busy for as long as possible :)

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