Speedcubing on Jono and Ben's Good Sports!

Speedcubing on Jono and Ben's Good Sports!

New Zealand speedcubers featured on Good Sports on TVNZ2!


Jono and Ben talk to Mike in the Speedcubing episode of Good Sports

Jono and Ben had a go at speedcubing in episode 4 of Good sports which aired on TVNZ2 on September 30th! Watch it on TVNZ on demand now (Free login required)


Last night was a pretty huge day for New Zealand speedcubing as we were featured on the popular TVNZ2 show Jono and Ben’s Good Sports, where the hosts toured the country, hunting out some of the lesser known sports that Kiwis excel at.


The feedback I’ve had from people so far has been pretty overwhelming and also far fairly non stop! The show was so well produced, and really showed the community and passion that’s at the heart of our awesome sport in a way that hasn’t really been demonstrated to a big audience before.


My mission with the store, and even before that when I started the Christchurch speedcube club, was to connect the amazing talent we have in the cubing scene here in a real and tangible way to help it grow and to put kiwi cubing on the world stage. With the store, I have always aimed to give the community more ways to come together, to discover more ways to support our most promising cubers, to encourage people to take part, to push themselves, and in many cases to pick up a cube for the first time and feel the buzz of completing that first solve!


Exposing more and more people to cubing is, of course, a huge part of this mahi, and having the chance to do that in such a massive and mainstream way as being featured on NZ TV like this was a really big win in that respect. I couldn’t be prouder of Angela and Adrien, all my pro team and staff and everyone else who took part in the competition, whether it was competing, volunteering or just watching. 


I’d like to also give a special mention to all the parents, caregivers, family and general support crew who travel all across the country to support these amazing young people to follow their passion!


Thanks to Jono and Ben and all the Take Two production team who treated our sport with such respect and care, and put together this amazing example of what it means to be part of our community.


Thanks for reading, and happy solving!



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