Video - Game of CUBES! Match 1

Video - Game of CUBES! Match 1

Game of Cubes vs. Liam Wadek!

Check out this match between me and Supreme Team member Liam Wadek!

It wasn't perfect as we managed to break the scoring on solve 1, but testing is going great and we're focussing in on the finished product!


* Game of cubes is a scaled head to head speedcube competition designed to make an even match between players of any skill level!

* Players take turns to set the solve, and scores are determined by how well you beat your ATB (average to beat) as a percentage of solve time.

* ATB is calculated from your current WCA average and your solves so far in the game.

* Loser of the solve gets a letter - first to spell the word cubes CUBES the set. Best of three sets wins!

* Percentages are capped at 50% either way so ATBs cannot be intentionally thrown.

* DNFs ain’t worth nothing - they get you a letter and ATB from previous solve is carried forward. No change - no mercy!

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