Video - Game of CUBES! Match 3

Video - Game of CUBES! Match 3

Game of Cubes vs. Elyas Eyou!

In match 3 of Game of Cubes I took on Supreme Team Member Elyas Eyou!

This was the most intense match so far, no spoilers, you just have to watch it!


* Game of cubes is a scaled head to head speedcube competition designed to make an even match between players of any skill level!

* Players take turns to set the solve, and scores are determined by how well you beat your ATB (average to beat) as a percentage of solve time.

* ATB is calculated from your current WCA average and your solves so far in the game.

* Loser of the solve gets a letter - first to spell the word cubes CUBES the set. Best of three sets wins!

* Percentages are capped at 50% either way so ATBs cannot be intentionally thrown.

* DNFs ain’t worth nothing - they get you a letter and ATB from previous solve is carried forward. No change - no mercy!

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