What is the World Cube Association?! (WCA)

What is the World Cube Association?! (WCA)

The World Cube Association, also known as the WCA, is the official organisation responsible for organising and promoting competitive speedcubing events around the world. The organisation was founded in 2004 by a group of speedcubing enthusiasts who wanted to establish a standardised set of rules and regulations for competitions.

The formation of the WCA was a result of the growing popularity of speedcubing and the need for a unified governing body to oversee the sport. Prior to the formation of the WCA, there were many different organisations and groups organising competitions, each with their own set of rules and regulations. This made it difficult for competitors to know what to expect at each event and made it challenging for organisers to coordinate events across different regions.

The WCA was created to address these issues and bring order to the sport of speedcubing. The organisation's founders recognised the need for a consistent set of rules and regulations that could be applied to all competitions, regardless of where they were held. They also wanted to create a standardised system for timing and scoring that would ensure fairness and accuracy at all events.

The WCA's first official competition was held in 2003, and since then, the organisation has grown exponentially. Today, the WCA has over 60,000 registered members and has organised thousands of competitions around the world. The organisation has also established a ranking system that allows competitors to track their progress and compare their times with other cubers around the world.

In addition to organising competitions, the WCA also plays an important role in promoting the sport of speedcubing. The organisation works to educate the public about the sport and its benefits, and it also collaborates with other groups and organisations to help grow the sport.

The World Cube Association has played a crucial role in the development of speedcubing and continues to be an important force in the sport today. The organisation's commitment to standardising rules and regulations, promoting fairness and accuracy, and working to grow the sport has helped to make speedcubing the exciting and dynamic sport it is today.

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