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GAN 12 M Maglev Frosted Premium Magnetic Speed Cube

GAN 12 M Maglev Frosted Premium Magnetic Speed Cube

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Premium 3x3 magnetic speedcube by Gan

NOTE - Gan flagship cubes are NOT SUITABLE for children under 10 years old.

THE 2021 GAN 12 M MAGLEV by Gan is THE speed cube that every speedcuber wanted in their Christmas stocking in 2021!

The MAGLEV edition of the new 2021 Premium Flagship GAN 12 M speed cube brings you all of the great innovations of the super popular  GAN 11 M Pro speed cube and introduces the new GAN Magnetic Core 2.0 + MAGLEV technology.

MAGLEV Technology is the revolutionary new repulsion magnet levitation tensioning system which replaces the spring tensioning system used in virtually ever other speed cube ever made. Repelling magnets create the necessary compression and tension to function as the speed cube's tensioning system.

MAGLEV (Magnetic Levitation) is the same technology concept which allows the bullet trains in China to reach speed of 600kms!

This speed cube is Stickerless and features Gan's frosted coating, which smooths over time to a glossy finish. 

The speed cube is highly configurable and has the most advanced design innovations of any cube on the market. Other key changes include the introduction of the new Magnetic core version 2.0 which comes with larger magnets for improved stability and control and a greatly improved new user-friendly tensioning system.  

What comes in the package?

      1. New GAN 12 M MAGLEV Premium Speed Cube
      2. Blue GAN Bag
      3. New GAN Box v8S
      4. Customisation Tutorial
      5. CFOP Tutorial
      6. Adjustment Accessories
      7. ID card
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