Game of cubes

Game of CUBES!

Game of cubes is a head to head speedcube battle format developed by Mike at, with special assistance from Lui Valerias, Terence Brown, Liam Wadek and Chris Mills.

The game is designed to be able to pit any two cubers against each other, REGARDLESS of ability, because you use how well you do against your OWN records to battle each other rather than raw solve times. Consistency is the key!

We began broadcasting matches on our Youtube channel in early 2022, and we're proud to release this version of the spreadsheet so you can play it yourself with your friends!

Download the spreadsheet and rules here!

The spreadsheet is free to download, but if you'd like to make a contribution towards further development of the game, our steaming setup, or just because you're an absolute legend, you can make a donation at