Gan 251 M Air 2x2 Magnetic Speedcube

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Magnetic 2x2 Speedcube from Gan

The absolute DADDY of 2x2 speedcubes, the incredible Gan 251 M Air is back in stock!

Used by the fastest 2x2 speedsolvers in the world, this magnetic 2x2 is one of the best available and has been since 2021.

Featuring edge magnets, a super light feel and lightning fast turning, the 251 M Air delivers a hugely satisfying turning feel and incredible speed and performance. It manages to carry through some of the lightning fast feel of the premium Gan 3x3 speedcubes in particular the Gan 11 M Pro, which is probably in no small part due to the crispy clean primary internal plastics.

The cube has a frosted finish, primary internals and Gan's GES tensioning system, with blue nuts installed as standard.

Size 51mm

Weight 50g

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