Yuxin Little Magic 2x2M Magnetic Speedcube

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Magnetic 2x2 speedcube from Yuxin.

The new Yuxin little magic magnetic 2x2 is a smooth and fast stickerless 2x2 speed cube - NOW EVEN MORE AWESOME with factory installed magnets! 

This is the same quality as we have become used to from Yuxin. Excellent performance out of the box, great shades and an all round good time.

Please note:  Testing by our friends at speedcube.com.au shows this batch has a very 'loose' tension setup out of the box. Please ensure you follow the instructions to tighten tensions or this cube will likely pop - leaving you or your child disappointed   Please DO NOT twist the corners - doing so will likely break the cube 😱

Released: April 2020

Dimensions: 50mm

Weight: 74g