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Gan Magnetic Megaminx V2 UV (Black Side)

Gan Magnetic Megaminx V2 UV (Black Side)

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Premium Magnetic Maglev Megaminx by Gan

The Gan megaminx is back for 2024!

This new version of the Gan Megaminx is the most feature packed and advanced megaminx we've EVER seen, and it has already been setting records around the world from megaminx legends like Argentina's Leandro Martín López, and New Zealand's own Alexander Vujcich!

This puzzle features some incredible tech including;

  • Maglev tension system GES V2 instead of springs ✅
  • 15 degree auto aligning ✅
  • Ball core and core to corner magnets for unmatched stability ✅
  • UV coating for a super gloss shine and improved grip ✅
  • This model featuring a black side in place of the traditional grey, usually used as the last layer, which helps to enhance colour recognition ✅
  • Dimpled texture for optimal grip ✅



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