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Qiyi M Pro 4x4 magnetic speedcube

Qiyi M Pro 4x4 magnetic speedcube

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Magnetic 4x4 speedcube from Qiyi

The 2020 Qiyi MS 4x4 makes way for the brand new and improved Qiyi M Pro 4x4!

This new iteration of Qiyi's budget magnetic 4x4 speed cube is now a slimmed down 58.5mm for a more compact hand feel, in line with the industry standard shrinking of big cubes which we're seeing across multiple brands.

This 4x4 has a nice light feel, and is similar in performance to some of the famous YJ 4x4 rubik's cubes, so may be slightly more prone to pops than it's predecessor. 

Which reminds me...


4x4s are fragile puzzles, and are prone to popping, meaning pieces coming out while solving! This is totally normal and quite common, and therefore not covered by our returns policy.

Popping can be improved by tensioning the cube, but you may find yourself in a position where you have to do a rebuild! Here’s a video I made which explains the process. 

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