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Meilong 6m V2 Magnetic 6x6 Speedcube

Meilong 6m V2 Magnetic 6x6 Speedcube

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Magnetic 6x6 speedcube by Moyu

The new Meilong 6m Magnetic Speedcube is a surprisingly capable new budget 6x6 from Moyu!

At just 61mm this is even smaller than the Moyu Aoshi WRM 6x6 and at a much more accessible price.

The 6x6 rubik's cube is an increasingly competitive event both here in New Zealand and across the world as Moyu continues to create smaller and more capable hardware.

If you've still not upgraded to a magnetic 6x6 speed cube then maybe now is your time!

Released January 2024

Size 61mm

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