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DianSheng Googol Giant 9cm 2x2 magnetic speedcube

DianSheng Googol Giant 9cm 2x2 magnetic speedcube

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Extra large magnetic 2x2 speedcube from DianSheng

Are you ready to add something goofy to your cube collection? Then the DianSheng Googol 9cm magnetic 2x2 speedcube is for you!

Whether it's just for fun, for displaying on your shelf or for teaching people how to solve, this is a surprisingly capable larger-than-life version of the popular 2x2 Rubik's cube!

At nearly 400 grams, it's surprisingly solid in the hand and feels really well built around a solid core and with strong magnets. It turns really well for what could be considered a novelty speedcube and is well worth a look whether you're new to 2x2 or an absolute pro!

Grab one today and experience this unique puzzle for yourself!

(No, the other 2x2 is NOT included! It's only there for scale!)

Released January 2024

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