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Gan 14 UV Maglev Premium 3x3 Speedcube

Gan 14 UV Maglev Premium 3x3 Speedcube

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Fast magnetic Gan14 speed cube by Gan

NOTE - Gan flagship cubes are NOT SUITABLE for children under 10 years old.

The all new Gan flagship for 2023 is here - say hello to the Gan 14!

Experience the future of speedcubing with the GAN 14 Speedcube. Unmatched speed, unrivalled precision. Advanced magnet system for rapid solves and stability. Seamlessly execute manoeuvres with exceptional corner-cutting. Ergonomic design ensures comfort. Perfect for all skill levels. Elevate your solves with the GAN 14 today!


  • Corner Magnet Rods (x2 sets)
    • White Installed (Stronger magnets)
    • Blue Additional (Weaker magnets)
  • Magnet Strength Corner Setting x6
  • Magnet Strength Edge Setting x3
  • Center Travel Setting x6
  • Tension Setting x6

Included in box:

  • Dark Blue Velvet GAN cube bag 
  • GAN Cube Box v11
  • Customisation Tutorial
  • Solving tutorial (Beginner and CFOP)
  • Adjustment Tool and Additional Corner Magnet Rods
  • ID Card

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