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Gan 356M Maglev 2023 Frosted

Gan 356M Maglev 2023 Frosted

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Magnetic 3x3 Speedcube with Maglev from Gan

The beloved Gan 356 series is back, this time featuring a redesigned maglev tension system and corner to core magnets!

The Gan 356m 3x3 speed cube was a favourite back in 2019 and 2020, with its incredible and reliable performance and speed.

This new version represents the same incredible value that the 356M brought the speedcube market, but also has some 2023 speedcube tech jammed inside!

Repelling magnets and a modern tensioning system replace the goofy, old GES nut system, but this 2023 model still honours classic Gan style with the familiar honeycomb friction pattern inside.

Grab yourself some flagship quality features at a mid range price point, and enjoy a new take on speedcube history with the new Gan 356M Maglev!

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