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Meilong Cubing Classroom 10x10 Speedcube

Meilong Cubing Classroom 10x10 Speedcube

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The biggest even-numbered NxN cube we've ever had in stock at Speedcube NZ, it's the Meilong Cubing Classroom 10x10!

Ever been solving an odd numbered big cube and longed for a disgusting parity case? Well long no more, because a 10x10 combines the joy of finishing your edges with the abject horror of realising one of them is flipped! BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Adding even more value to this puzzle is the threat of PLL parity too. What's not to love?!

Big cubes 8x8+ are an awesome challenge for solvers of all levels, and make a great gift for budding big-cubers! Cubes of this size don't have to be speed solved (but you can if you want!) and can be surprisingly therapeutic! Solve a centre, take a break and come back later! It's the kind of puzzle you can treat like good a good book; working on a "chapter" at a time and coming back to it when you're ready.

Measuring only 84mm, this cube is surprisingly comfortable to hold and solve. Turning is extremely smooth out of the box and it features vibrant stickerless bright shades. Moyu Meilong have changed the game in the past couple of years with these awesome larger register puzzles, delivering an awesome, reliable solving experience at a great price 🤙


Big cubes are fragile puzzles, and are prone to popping, meaning pieces coming out while solving! This is totally normal and quite common, and therefore not covered by our returns policy. You can't expect to turn a big cube like you'd turn a 3x3, and turning multiple layers at a time like a 3x3 is a recipe for disaster!

Popping can be improved by tensioning the cube, but you may find yourself in a position where you have to do a rebuild!

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