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Moyu Huameng YS3M UV Ball Core 3x3 Speedcube with "Magic Clothes"

Moyu Huameng YS3M UV Ball Core 3x3 Speedcube with "Magic Clothes"

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"Magic Clothes" UV coated Magnetic 3x3 Speedcube by Moyu HuaMeng Ball Core

The final version of the new Moyu 3x3 is here, and features the new "Magic Clothes" UV coating

HuaMeng is the latest speed cube sub-brand from cube giant Moyu, and the chief designer of this range is the 3.47 second world record 3x3 single holder Yusheng Du!

The HuaMeng YS3M 3x3 speed cube  is the first release from this range, and has landed in four versions;

  1. Standard Magnetic featuring edge to edge magnets, Moyu Dual Adjustment System and traditional spring tensions
  2. Maglev featuring everything in the Standard Magenetic version with  maglev tension instead of springs
  3. Ball Core featuring everything in the Maglev version PLUS the new Moyu ball core corner-to-core magnets layer positioning system
  4. Ball Core UV which is the Ball Core version with Moyu's new "Magic Clothes" or UV coating, which provides a superior grip and feeling from the box.

The HuaMeng range come packaged in a cool silver box plus a new 2 piece speed cube box plus accessories including the Moyu Dual Adjustment tools and a screwdriver.

Grab yourself one of the most anticipated speedcube releases of the year so far!

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