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Moyu RS3M v5 Standard Magnetic 3x3 speedcube

Moyu RS3M v5 Standard Magnetic 3x3 speedcube

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Magnetic 3x3 speedcube from Moyu

The RS3M V5 is the latest iteration of the hugely popular RS3M series of speed cubes from Moyu!

This is the standard version which features the now familiar 48 magnet corner to edge magnetisation, primary coloured internals and a frosted finish.

This is a wonderfully light and nimble feeling Rubik's cube, reminiscent of the 2022 version of this line, which is my personal favourite, but for how long...

I'm excited to set my own one up with a little Gan Mastery 50k lube for some cushion feel and a little more control in the turns 🤓

Released 2023

Size 55.5mm

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