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Qiyi M Pro Maglev Ball Core UV 3x3 Speedcube

Qiyi M Pro Maglev Ball Core UV 3x3 Speedcube

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Magnetic ball core UV coated speedcube from Qiyi

The New Qiyi M Pro UV coated, ball core speedcube is coming!

This has to be THE BEST value-for-money speedcube on the market today, featuring premium level features at an entry level price point.

This speedcube feels like it might be as important the revolutionary Qiyi MS 3x3 from 2020, which lead the budget magnetic revolution, and now with the Qiyi M pro Qiyi are continuing that legacy of making awesome, affordable speedcubes while other brands fight over the premium market :)

The Qiyi M Pro comes packaged in the QiYi M-Box, which makes them perfect as a gift.


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